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After an 8-hour ferry ride from Denmark, we were warmly greeted by our very successful artist friend, Jarle Rosseland, who announced a change in our week's visit: "You can stay, but I have to go to Iceland tomorrow to install my exhibit on the history of Iceland."  Early the next morning, Robert wakes me, coffee in hand: "Get up, we are going to Iceland." The one thing prepared for this surprise trip was my camera.       Dianne Boate

EatDrinkFilms - Is a weekly online magazine, curated with original stories in each category. I am a featured "Eat" writer with dozens of published articles.


What founding editor Michael Guillén of EatDrinkFilms says about Dianne Boate:


"Dianne was my first hired columnist and it has been a complete pleasure to interact with her on all things concerning baking.  Not only has she provided her monthly column on baking, but she has also accepted assignments on testing baking cookbooks.  My basic philosophy about cookbooks is that--no matter how beautiful they are--they don't always work in my kitchen and so it became of interest to me that someone might test out a cookbook for our audience as to efficacy and ease, and as an alternative to simply doing a book excerpt.  Dianne did this with the Josey Baker volume and I would recommend her for future baking publications, should she be willing.  Publishers can send her a review copy of their publication, Dianne reviews it for what interests her, and then presents a working review to our EDF audience.  Her last column for me will be the August 21 issue, which means her next scheduled piece would be the September 18 issue.  Dianne, interact with Johnny before then to let him know what you plan to do."        Michael Guillén


Story about South Africa, Part 3, by Dianne Boate


Dianne Boate and the expression of affection for Ron Patterson

Article in the Examiner, January 31, 2011 (Also, there is a link to the radio interview below)


 Growing Up Green as an Elk River Girl

Article in the San Francisco Chronicle, July 20, 2005


Also, I have been a frequent contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle column, Two Cents



Robert and I wrote a number of articles for San Francisco Bay Crossings magazine from 2004-2007. Besides the three listed below, all forty-nine articles can be found here.  Just type my name in the "search" box:



Painting the Day We Went Straight to Alcatraz ...


Zapped Away to an Array of Zin

We said this a long time ago: We never met a Zinfandel we didn’t like....


Use Your Imagination

Necessity is usually the diving board for the jump into a creative solution....




Interview:  February 16, 2011 

The Love Letter Squad, Love Letters Live (29:37)

Dianne Boate talks about her friendship with and letter to Ron Patterson who recently passed away at the age of 80. In the face of having lost a good friend, Dianne has the joy of knowing that she said to him what she felt while she still had the chance.



Threads Magazine Articles , by Dianne Boate  1989-2001

Salvaging Damaged Knits

Free Graph Paper

Partial lining for Handmade Camisoles

Idea Organizer

Sturdy Needle

Make Your Own Hangers

Textile Souvenir



Just One Tree  is a non-profit project to promote the value of tree crops in cities worldwide, with an initial campaign to help San Francisco, our world headquarters, become self-sufficient in lemons.  I am the Lemon Recipe Coordinator helping San Francisco, our world headquarters, to become self-sufficient in lemons. 




Member of ArtSpan



MrsMuch is Cooking blogspot

A running commentary about my ingredient-driven kitchen adventures, with sidesteps into other matters that all make up a part of Living Well.

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