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”The world wants to see you up on the table, but the real trick is to appear to be up on the table, while secretly you are underneath, doing exactly as you please.”  

                                                                Jean Cocteau

More than Hats

Activities requiring both hands at work boosts your brain power and strengthens the connection between left brain and right brain. Playing musical instruments and knitting are good examples.


On knitting, you could look at the history of the world through the eyes of knitting, discover its ancient history that began with men and fishing, then pick up a current issue say, of VOGUE Knitting and gasp about modern yarns and knit patterns. Barbara Walker’s Encyclopedias of Knitting show the wonder of limitless combinations of pattern and texture that are created by just two stitches, knit and purl. It will give you pause about the binary system, 0 and 1. 

paper boxes
woven ribbon jacket
silver Oscar party outfit
fabric pin
potpourri sachet
knit pillow
log cabin variation
crochet pattern
crochet ornament
Narsai David sachet
filet crochet butterfly blouse -1977
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