"To do the common thing uncommonly well brings success."                                    Corita Kent


The late Joseph Dee of Brooks Camera lent me a three - position zoom Minolta camera in 1985 to take on a trip to the wine regions of Europe. Six months later, the results appeared in my first photography exhibit at the Joseph Dee Museum.


My style is to pay close attention to the subject, have an emotional response to it and concentrate on what I am doing. I am a minimalist in the sense that I rarely take more than one picture of any object or scene.


I photograph many locations around the world but my favorite subjects are places where no human hand has touched or altered it. Growing up with the redwood trees and rivers of Humbolt County, Northern California created an early awareness of the beauty of sun, water, and sky, which has become a passion to record. We are surrounded by the glories of Nature, which asks nothing more than to be appreciated and care that we are all doing our part.                                  Dianne Boate

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